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Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) Simulation V+ Files

One of the first uses for the Text to Speech I/O Device for V+ is an Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) simulation used in simulation and training devices.

Sample ATIS V+ design, configuration and text template files (Atis.des, Atis.vne, and Atis.txt) are downloaded with V+.

Ethernet UDP/IP I/O Device for V+

The Ethernet UDP/IP I/O Device for the Native Platform of V+, provides an input and an output device for sending and receiving 32-bit words via an Ethernet network connection.

included with V+

Joystick Device for V+

SimPhonics' Joystick input device may be used for "low end" general purpose analog and digital input. It can also be used as a debug tool.

included with V+

V+ Remote Control

The V+ Run-Time System remote control system is based on the TCP/IP protocol, and enables a client to connect to the shell to control the operation of certain functions. This remote control system is provides a remote control feature available in build 159 and later.

included with V+


Learn how V+ is used with a SimPhonics Sound System and a Beech 1900D Simulator. This article includes examples of actual V+ designs. [read more]

support software

There are many I/O devices available for V+. Click on the links below for more information.

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V+ Interface for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The V+ Interface for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 is an add-on for the V+ Visual Programming System that provides access to various dynamic variables within the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 environment from the V+ environment. These variables can then be connected to other devices that V+ supports such as actual aircraft instruments, graphically developed instruments, actual hardwired panels, etc.

Windows Audio Mixer I/O Device for V+ (Windows 7)

The Windows Audio Mixer Driver is a V+ I/O device that enumerates all of the available controls from a Windows-compatible mixer.







Native Platform

I/O Devices

OS Compatibilities

Windows NT, 98-2000 & XP compatibilities


Amplitude Modulation

single sideband radios in V+


documents, software, V+ and WAV files

Sample V+ Designs

learn how V+ designs are used in a Beech 1900D simulator



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