V+ Interface for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Part Number: MFSIO-X86

What is the V+ Interface for Microsoft Flight Simulator?

This software component is an add-on for the V+ Visual Programming System that provides access to various dynamic variables within the Microsoft Flight Simulation 2002 environment via the V+ programming environment.  These variables can then be connected to a multitude of other devices that V+ supports, such as actual aircraft instruments, graphically developed instruments, actual hardwired panels, etc.


Since V+ is commonly used in the military and commercial flight simulation industry for the rapid application development of simulation systems, this device can provide many potential useful applications.  Any application that benefits from having desktop flight simulator data available for use could benefit.  Potential uses include:

  • custom sound models

  • custom simulator hardware

  • custom OpenGL panels

  • custom radio communications (DIS/HLA)

How does it work?

The software interface for V+ uses the Microsoft panel gauge interface to gain access to data in the game.  This data is called token variables in the Microsoft panel SDK.  There is a DLL file (FSVPLusInt.gau) that is copied to the c:\program files\Microsoft games\FS2002\gauges directory that contains the V+ interface software. 

Therefore this interface appears to Microsoft Flight Simulator as a gauge although the only gauge on the panel is the V+ logo.  This is necessary in order to interface with the panel system.

The processor load on a Pentium 4 2.0 GHz machine can require up to .2ms of processor time if all variables are used. (worse case)  This data can be viewed in real-time by monitoring the port “V+ INTERFACE PROCESSOR LOAD”.  

Included in the device, is a sample application that adds aerodynamic sounds to the Lear 45 aircraft for fuselage air impact pressure, flaps and gear aerodynamic sound models. 

This software is available free of charge for evaluation purposes.


V+ Interface for Microsoft Flight Simulator User Manual

V+ Interface for Microsoft Flight Simulator


Note that you must first download and install V+ and all necessary supporting software before using this product.



Native Platform

I/O Devices

OS Compatibilities

Windows NT, 98-2000 & XP compatibilities


Amplitude Modulation

single sideband radios in V+


documents, software, V+ and WAV files

Sample V+ Designs

learn how V+ designs are used in a Beech 1900D simulator



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