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SimPhonics is proud to be on the cutting edge of the simulation and training industry.  For more than twenty five years, we have been producing digital audio systems for high performance military and commercial flight simulators.  In the past, companies designed their own in-house systems that were generally application specific.  Our founding personnel saw a need for an off-the-shelf solution, and recognized that emerging Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology could provide the answer.  Consequently, we were the first company to produce a commercially available digital audio system for high performance flight simulators.  Today, our products are installed around the world in a variety of simulation and training environments.

Where We've Been

SimPhonics was born in Tampa, Florida in 1988.  Our first digital audio system was introduced the following year.  The fixed point FX-2500 utilized DSP hardware from Spectrum Signal Processing, Inc.  It was similar to systems that are still being produced by other digital audio manufacturers today.  From the beginning, however, our development personnel have stressed the need for continual improvement in performance and flexibility.  [Read more...]

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