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SimPhonics Delivers 32-Channel SMx Audio System


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) purchased a 32-channel SMx audio system for their Air Traffic Control (ATC) Trainer. The system was delivered to FAA's William J. Hughes Technical Center, an aviation research and development, and test and evaluation facility. [more]


Lockheed Martin Hosts V+ Class


The latest V+ hands-on training class was held at Kirtland AFB, NM. Hosted by Lockheed Martin Information Systems, the 3-day V+ training course objectives were to familiarize LMIS engineers with V+ software, demonstrate the ease of the VComm voice networking, and to review the various installed systems at their facility. [more]


VComm Raises DIS/HLA Standards


Our latest software enables users to connect to virtually any DIS, HLA or (VoIP) voice over IP standard; in fact, we can connect various types together! For example, we can create a DIS/HLA to VoIP with a simple V+ worksheet. This means you can make a telephone phone call directly into a DIS/HLA radio and communicate! Yes, SimPhonics is the first vendor to provide this feature. [more]


SMx System & V+ Selected for EA-6B ACCS WST


EWA Government Systems, Inc., Englewood, Colorado, is purchasing a 32-channel SMx Digital Audio System for an EA-6B Aural Cueing and Communication Subsystem (ACCS). [more]


DIS/HLA Entity Monitor Device for V+


The latest V+ add-on to emerge from SimPhonics is a DIS/HLA 3D sound system!  This new software device creates real-time audio from utilizing the existing data available within the DIS packets!  [more]


V+ Provides Communication Solution


Xwave Simulation and Training, of Ottawa, Canada, is delivering a SimPhonics V+ Communications solution for the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations. This system will be used to train from basic Air Traffic Control communications right up to full AWACS battle-management communications scenarios.  [more]


Veraxx Orders V+ for V-22 Command Post


Veraxx Engineering Corporation purchased V+ for their "Simulator Network Nerve Center" located at the Marine Corps Air Station New River (North Carolina). [more]


Havelsan AS Orders 16 Channel Audio System


Our newest International customer, Havelsan (Ankara, Turkey), ordered a SimPhonics 16-channel SMx audio system for the AS F-4E/2020 Avionics Familiarization Trainer (AFT). Havelsan is designing their own audio and comm system application using V+ Development System software. [more]


AAI Corporation Orders 64 Channel SMx System


SimPhonics is providing a 64 channel SMx audio system for an AAI Corporation voice networking training project. [more]


SimPhonics Builds New Office


SimPhonics moved to a larger facility over the holidays. Additional space was necessary to meet increased demands for production and V+ training classes. [more]


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