VMIC Reflective Memory I/O Device for V+ Supporting VMIC Model 5565 (Windows XP)

Part Number: VMICDEV2-X86

VMIC Reflective Memory I/O Device for V+ Supporting VMIC Models 5588 and 5576 (Windows XP)

Part Number: VMICDEV-X86


This I/O driver Interfaces on the Windows 2000 and WindowsXP operating systems, allowing an application program to access the features of a variety of VMICPCI, VMIPCI and VMIPMC Reflective Memory (RFM) Interface hardware:

  • VMICPCI-5579

  • VMICPCI-5588

  • VMIPCI-5576

  • VMIPCI-5579

  • VMIPCI-5587

  • VMIPCI-5588

  • VMIPCI-5588DMA

  • VMIPMC-5576

  • VMIPMC-5579

Note that you must first download and install V+ and all necessary supporting software before using this product.



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