MAK 3.0.1 HLA 1.3 Extensions for Vcomm (Windows XP)

Version: 1.0

Build: 100

Part Number:  VPLHLA13-MAK3.0.1-X86

VComm and V+ supports HLA; in fact they support DIS and HLA both. DIS is provided by default in PN: VCOMM-X86, while HLA capability is provided by this separate extension software. This software add-on to VComm, adds the functionality to VComm to utilize the MAK 1.3 RTI. When installed, this add-on also installs the MAK RTI (the MAK RTI is purchased by the User separately through Mak Technologies). See the VComm User Manual for more information.




Native Platform

I/O Devices

OS Compatibilities

Windows NT, 98-2000 & XP compatibilities


Amplitude Modulation

single sideband radios in V+


documents, software, V+ and WAV files

Sample V+ Designs

learn how V+ designs are used in a Beech 1900D simulator



related topics

learn more about V+ and related products


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