VComm is a radio communications simulation and voice networking add-on for the V+ visual programming system. V+, a powerful visual programming environment, is in use in many military and commercial flight simulation and training systems around the world. VComm 8.0 introduces many new features and fixes to previous versions and completely new concepts in DIS/HLA radio communications while maintaining legacy compatibility with existing equipment.

VComm automatically converts encoding schemes and sample rates of incoming DIS/HLA transmissions during real-time operations. Other vendor systems may require manual configuration of these parameters. This may lead to garbled or noisy voice transmissions, which is to say the least, frustrating. The latest draft DIS standard, 1278.1a-200x Draft 5, requires that all incoming voice transmissions be properly decoded and adjusted for sampling rates as specified by the incoming Signal PDU. SimPhonics will strictly adhere to this standard.


SimPhonics is active in the creation of new DIS and HLA networked audio standards to improve interoperability and has played a key role in the development of recent changes to the IEEE-1278 standard. The new DIS standard, IEEE-1278.1 200X will most likely be produced sometime in the next year or two. The HLA RPR-FOM and other key FOMs are derived from this standard.

It is SimPhonics belief that working within standards is the best way to ensure interoperability among vendors of radio simulation equipment. The last thing any of us wants is a frustrated (or even angry) customer because of something that can be easily overcome, such as functional cooperation within the DIS or HLA protocols.



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