SMx Digital Audio System

Once again, SimPhonics extends the state of the art in simulation audio systems. The SMx delivers up to 64 channels of streaming audio in a single system.  As with our FX-30 system, both Sound and Communications functions are performed in a single system; however any SMx channel can be used for ANY function. A 16 channel SMx system requires only a small 4U space, and 32 channels fit within an 8U space.

All of this is completely programmable via V+, a visual programming language that is self documenting and easy to use.  Build your application from existing samples, or we can build it for you.   

Tired of buying a system and finding out later it is limited?  The SMx system comes with everything from DIS to a full sound simulation system with terrain server in a single package for a single price.  Use all of the sounds and radios you need now and in the future at no added costs. 

Years of development of new hardware and software has produced a system that is capable of anything you will encounter for simulation audio in a single system.  And, it costs less.



  • Up to 64 Physical Channels (64 In and 64 Out)

  • Up to 44.1 kHz Sample Rates All channels, @ 24 Bit

  • VOX, Mic Power on all Input Channels

  • Drive Low Impedance Headsets Directly On all Outputs

  • Sound or Comms on any Channel

  • Networked or Localized Audio

  • HLA/DIS Compliant

  • Unlimited Radios Per Channel (Operators)

  • 3D Audio

  • Built-in DTED Terrain Server

  • Built-in Audio wave-file editor, and DIS/HLA Monitor

  • Variety of Host Interface Options

  • I/O Sub-System Options, (PTT's, Volume Etc.)

  • Multi-channel Text-to-Speech - (ATIS, GCA, etc.)

  • CE and UL rated "universal" power supply that handles voltages from 100 to 240 volts at frequencies of 47 to 63Hz

  • Mix any stream to any stream, WAVE IN, WAVE OUT, ANALOG IN, and ANALOG OUT

  • Gain boost on each input channel from 0 to + 60db

Rear Panel Microphone Power Selection



Sound Simulation

Complete I/O Solution

SMx and V+



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