VRAD bundled product: V+ & DIS voice networking delivered with USB PTT Headset assembly (Windows 7)


Part Number:  VRADX7-10



The VRAD product provides the end user with one (1) USB PTT headset assy (PN: SMXUSB-102) and one (1) each VPLRTL-X732, V+ Run-time License and one (1) VCOMM-X732 License DIS protocol. This bundled product is typically used for COMM, Networked Audio, ICS and other low cost communications applications. Additional USB PTT headsets can also be driven by the software and are sold separately. This shrink wrapped product come with no support, V+ designs or printed documentation and should be used in conjunction with your V+ Development System software/License PN: VPLDEV-X732 supporting an unlimited number of V+ and VCOMM Run-time systems for Windows 7.


V+ and more

I/O Devices

Windows Audio Mixer, Bit-3, Text-to-Speech and more


SMx and FXDirect

Support Hardware

Printed documents, amplifier parts and more


Ribbon, power, interface and more

PC Boards

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