SimPhonics Chosen to upgrade NASA Ames FFC Voice Communication Systems


Northrop Grumman Corporation selected SimPhonics Incorporated to replace and upgrade the existing Voice Communications System (VCS) at the NASA AMES Future Flight Central (FFC) facility, Moffett Field, CA. The new 36 audio systems will provide significantly enhanced capability over the existing system, as well as an extensible platform for future growth. The contract includes three types of units: 

  • 10 Pseudo Pilot communication stations

  • 24 Controller communication stations

  • 2 Administrator communication stations.

The Administrator units will be equipped with GUI's (Graphical User Interfaces) written by SimPhonics, that provide 6 GUI pages representing radios and panel selections. All browser based GUI's will be accessed via Touch screens.

All systems will run on WindowsXP operating system and include V+, VCOMM, modified telephone handset with PTT and DIS/HLA Event Monitor, Record/Playback Utility. Further, these units interface to headsets and foot switches via a Buyer provided interface box.

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