AAI Corporation chooses SimPhonics for Italian Army Air Defense Training


SimPhonics recently delivered three FXDirect audio systems to AAI Corporation to be integrated within their Advanced Moving Target Simulator (AMTS) upgrade. These trainer upgrades are a joint effort between AAI and VITROCISET, a prime contractor to the Italian Army. SimPhonics is providing 360 degrees of real time audio, providing more than 50 types of aircraft, 100 independent sounds (munitions, canons, explosions...), environmental audio and scenario based audio for water/beach, jungle and night time practices. In addition to audio systems, SimPhonics is providing V+ application development and support.

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SimPhonics has been developing simulation and training industry software since 1988. Our customers include commercial airlines, simulation companies, and military/government agencies.

For more information, please contact:

Linda Lack, VP Operations

SimPhonics, Inc.

3226 N. Falkenburg Road

Tampa, FL 33619

Phone: (813) 623-9917

FAX: (813) 623-5119


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