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The National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) when completed will be a world class driving simulator. It will be used to perform research to improve highway safety through a better understanding of driver-centered human factor issues during the complex interaction of the driver, vehicle, and highway environment. SimPhonics supplied the Auditory System. The Auditory System provides motion-correlated, three dimensional, realistic sound sources, coordinated with the full ranges of the other sensory systems databases. The auditory database includes sounds emanating from current and new design highway surfaces, from contact with three dimensional objects that vehicles encounter (potholes, concrete/tar joints, pillars, etc.), from high density, multiple lane traffic, from the vehicle during operation and sounds which reflect roadway changes due to changes in the weather environments.

The NADS (National Advanced Driving Simulator) audio system(s) were provided on our FX-30 technology. These audio systems were integrated using a variety of off-the-shelf support hardware; from a COTS sound card to ScramNet interface cards - all element were brought together and controlled using our V+ software tool.

This driving trainer was produced with the cooperation of I*SIM, Corporation, Murray, UT and TRW. SimPhoincs again used the technology and high number of I/O channels available on the FX-30 system.

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