FlightSafety Services Corporation

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JPATS Program


US Air Force, US Navy


T-6A Texan II aircraft - SimPhoincs is pleased to be selected to work with the FlightSafety/Raytheon team providing 62 Joint Primary Aircraft Training Systems (JPATS). Six units were intitally delivered, with production units which started in 2000.

These systems have been produced and installed in cooperation with FlightSafety International based in Broken Arrow, OK utilizing our FXDirect techology encompassed with V+ and multiple COTS sound cards.

The JPATS trainers are a diverse set of primary flight training devices tailored to meet USAF and USN aircrew requirements. The JPATS principal mission is to train entry-level USAF/USN student pilots to a level of proficiency where they can transition into an advanced pilot training track leading to qualification as military pilots. JPATS is designed to replace the USAF T-37B and USN T-34C aircraft and their associated ground training systems.

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